GPS/Satellite Navigation 

     Existing Dollar GPS Satellite Navigation units will be replaced with Neverlost Magellan, Neverlost Navigator+ (NN+), and TravelTab Adventurer. These will begin to be phased into vehicles from May 2017 through August 2017. Schedule is subject to Change.

  • Neverlost Magellan will retail for a fee of $13.99 USD per day with a 14-day maximum per month
  • Neverlost Navigator+ (NN+) will retail for a fee of $16.99 USD per day with a 14-day maximum per month.
  • Customers can buy 60 phone credits on the device for $8.95 USD per day.
  • Customers can buy the unlimited data that can serve as a hotspot for up to 2 devices for $5.95 USD per day.
  • Customers will pay our 3rd party vendor directly.
  • TravelTab Adventurer will retail for a fee of $21.99 USD per day with no maximum days. 
  • TravelTab Adventurer will only be at locations with Neverlost Navigator+.
  • Customers will get 60 phone credits per day (30 international minutes or 60 domestic minutes.); plus unlimited data that can serve as a hotspot for up to 5 devices
  • All Locations will have either Neverlost Magellan or Neverlost Navigator+, not both devices. 
  • Customers will not be able to upgrade from Neverlost Magellan to Neverlost Navigator+ because a rental location will only have one unit or the other, not both.
  • Top Airport locations will have Neverlost Navigator+. Choice locations (e.g. SFO), and select Off-Airport locations (e.g. SF Downtown locations).
  • All other Airport locations and the majority of Off-Airport locations will have Neverlost Magellan.
  • Missing accessories or broken/lost/stolen units will the responsibility of the renter and will be charged at the current replacement rates
  • Customers may also purchase GPS inclusive rates.

DOLLAR / THRIFTY ONE WAY UPDATE new fees applicable as of 7 March 2017

The below details are the One Way Fee amendments that are being implemented by Dollar/Thrifty brands in USA.  These will apply to bookings made after Tuesday 7th March 2017.

The main changes are:

  •  Northern California (San Francisco) will have a one way fee, year round.

  • Arizona is no longer free of charge.

  • Free one ways to Chicago. 

  • Some changes to the distance and the amounts of the drop fees.  Previous matrix was 0-200 miles @ $75.00 now only $50.00 plus up to 250 miles.  Tax is applied to these fees.


Distance                                             Amount
0 to 250 Miles                                    $  50.00
251 to 500 Miles        $150.00
501 to 1000 Miles                            $250.00
Over 1000 Miles  $500.00

  These fees do not apply to Hawaii , please enquire for applicable fees.

The main features are:

No drop charge for one-way rentals at corporate locations for the following scenarios:

  • Pickup in Florida and dropped off in Florida

  • Pickup in Nevada and dropped off in California

  • Pickup in Southern California (Los Angeles, San Diego, Palm Springs, Anaheim, or Orange County) and dropped off in California or Nevada

  • Pickup up at any continental US airport location and drop off in Chicago

  • No drop charge for Car Classes ECAR/EDAR, CCAR/CDAR, ICAR/IDAR, SCAR/SDAR, FCAR/FDAR, PCAR/PDAR, LCAR/LDAR, SFAR, IVAR/MVAR, and IFAR between JFK Airport (JFK), LaGuardia Airport (LGA) and Newark Airport (EWR).


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